Thursday, August 2, 2012

seattle or bust

I can't believe my annual vacation is just a few days away! The hubs and I are spending a week in the great city of Seattle. We like to take trips to places neither of us has been so Seattle made the cut! We've heard nothing but fantastic things about it so we cannot wait to escape the Texas summer heat and bask in more temperate weather. There will be lots of coffee drinking, donut eating, and exploring. And who am I kidding--probably a lot of shopping! I've spent the past week or two thinking about my packing list. The weather is so opposite of Texas, so I had a hard time figuring out what to wear for mild days and chilly nights [with the constant possibility of rain.] I finally came up with a mix of comfortable attire for walking, with some dressier [-ish] pieces in case we go to a nice dinner, some activewear for possible morning walks/runs, and of course some pieces for rainy days. Have you been to Seattle? What would you recommend I do or see? xo.
hoodie / hair / purple long sleeved tee / umbrella / headband / boyfriend crops / TOMS / nail polish / striped sweater / skinny jeans / leopard tuxedo flats / necklace / workout capris / running shoes / book / bag / rainboots [Old Navy, no longer sold in stores] / camera


  1. I'm so jealous you're going to Seattle - the husband and I are trying to figure out a good time to go!! Enjoy your time and post about your adventures!!!

    Cheers! - Megh

  2. Will do! Have a nice weekend!


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