Wednesday, February 13, 2013

what to wear | valentine's day date

I know this post is going up super late but [as always] I have been way busy these days and Valentine's Day just snuck up on me! Anyway, the hubs is taking me to dinner on Valentine's Day but he is keeping the place is a surprise. Though the details are vague, I know he loves when I wear pretty dresses and figured I would dress to impress no matter where we end up going! In case you are looking for a last minute outfit [as was I], have no fear. I've put together two adorable date night ensembles that are sure to get you a few double-takes! If you're wondering, I'll be going with look #2. Also, let me know what your Valentine's Day plans are, if you have any! xo.

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Friday, February 1, 2013

what to wear | super bowl party

Now that we've covered food, let's talk about what to wear to a Super Bowl party [should you be hosting or attending one]. You can always wear a Ravens or 49ers jersey, but if you're like me and are impartial about who to root for, a less thematic outfit is a more creative way to get in the spirit of the game!

Below, I've styled two potential outfits. For a Ravens fan, team colors are represented in trendy purple skinnies and a hint of purple eyeliner along with a subtle feather ring to represent the mascot. If you decide to lean towards the west coast, a loose tank that hails to the motherland with a 49ers-red blazer to pull the look together is a sure way to let other party-goers know who you're supporting! Either way, these outfits are both comfy and cute and perfect for a laid-back party surrounded by good food and good friends. As for me, I am still deciding what color I'll be wearing on Sunday! xo.

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