Friday, February 1, 2013

what to wear | super bowl party

Now that we've covered food, let's talk about what to wear to a Super Bowl party [should you be hosting or attending one]. You can always wear a Ravens or 49ers jersey, but if you're like me and are impartial about who to root for, a less thematic outfit is a more creative way to get in the spirit of the game!

Below, I've styled two potential outfits. For a Ravens fan, team colors are represented in trendy purple skinnies and a hint of purple eyeliner along with a subtle feather ring to represent the mascot. If you decide to lean towards the west coast, a loose tank that hails to the motherland with a 49ers-red blazer to pull the look together is a sure way to let other party-goers know who you're supporting! Either way, these outfits are both comfy and cute and perfect for a laid-back party surrounded by good food and good friends. As for me, I am still deciding what color I'll be wearing on Sunday! xo.

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