Saturday, September 28, 2013

where have I been?

I just hate being away from my blog for so long! As mentioned in this post, school has been keeping me pretty busy. Additionally, the hubs and I are getting ready to move from our little condo in downtown Fort Worth to a house a couple miles west in the Cultural District--yay! It has been such a process since we decided to purchase a lot in an older neighborhood and build the house from the ground up. I don't think I was quite prepared for how much it would test my patience--if you've ever built a home, you probably know what I mean!

Though it is a little bittersweet to pack up our compact abode of the last [almost] 4 years, we are so excited to have a little more space and a yard for our sweet pups. I'm looking forward to decorating the new house and documenting parts of it to share with you!

Now that I've gotten a handle on the school situation and the workload, at least for this semester, has become more manageable, I'm ready to bring the blog back to life. With the advent of my move from downtown to the Cultural District, I decided to  begin with a blog name refresh. So long, Lancaster Laundry! Hello, Cake for Brunch!

The new blog is under construction for now, but will hopefully be up and running within the next few weeks!


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