Friday, August 31, 2012

terrific terrariums [diy]

You may have noticed Pinterest has been blowing up these days with photos of and tutorials for terrariums. Being a non-gardener myself [I have no green thumb. Not even a little.] I was intrigued with this low maintenance way to introduce some life and greenery in my little condo. After pinning away for weeks, I finally went out and bought the supplies and did it! I couldn't be happier with results.

There seems to be a variety of methods, but I went with a simple base of medium-sized black rocks [found in the pet fish aisle], Miracle-Gro Cactus Palm and Citrus Soil, and some adorable little plants from the Gardening section [all supplies from Wal-Mart.] For the container, would you guess this was a candy jar? I'll save the lid in case the whole plant thing doesn't work out and I'm in need of a candy jar. According to the back of the soil bag, plants only need to be watered when soil is completely dry to the touch. So here's to watering very infrequently, fellow non-green thumbers!

Have you made a terrarium before? What kinds of containers and plants do you use? xo.




Wednesday, August 22, 2012

working the flea review

I did it, I did it! I finally crossed one thing off my "Summer Bucket List!"

This past weekend, Fort Worth got some serious torrential rain. We sure needed it and I was actually pretty thankful, as it diminished the amount of people out shopping tremendously! Don't get me wrong, I think people going shopping on the weekend and pumping money into the Fort Worth economy is great, but with it being Tax Free Weekend I was pretty leery about leaving the house.

Saturday afternoon, I decided to venture out in the crazy storm and head to a place I've been dying to go to for a while: Working the Flea. This adorable little boutique in the Camp Bowie District charmed me from the moment I stepped inside the front door.

cute, right?
The shop carries a mix of boutique clothing similar to that of Francesca's with a garage sale / vintage store atmosphere. From home decor to gifts to drinkware, the items they carry seem to have that one-of-a-kind, treasure quality that I'm obsessed with! I picked up just one thing--a gift for my sister's upcoming birthday. I definitely plan to return for more goodies, though.

The only reason it took me this long to visit is the shop's hours are 10-5, Tuesday through Saturday. So that pretty much leaves Saturday as the only possible day to go since I work an 8-5 job. If only they could extend their hours until 6! Ah well, no matter. It's an ideal situation to protect my bank account from excessive treasure-hunting expenses.

Have you been to Working the Flea or any of the other adorable boutiques on Camp Bowie? xo.

Monday, August 20, 2012

look for less :: stripes + colored pants

More often than not, Gwyneth Paltrow can be spotted in the chicest outfits; always simple, understated, and classic. For example, in this photo she looks so effortlessly put together with a striped blazer and colored pants, yet she is completely on-trend for fall! I've found similar pieces, all at Target [hey, I'm a fan of instant gratification and I don't want to shop around 10 different stores for a single outfit sometimes!] What do you think of Gwynnie's look? xo.

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Friday, August 17, 2012

tax free weekend!

Tax-free weekend in Texas: a "holiday" that brings hoards of shoppers out to buy clothing and school supplies sans sales tax. It's a pretty sweet deal if you want to stock up on fall essentials! Even though I usually like to avoid these types of scenarios, I think I might brave the storm this time around. However, my strategy involves going right when stores open at 10 on Saturday, armed with a bottle of water to hydrate while I shop 'til I drop!

Here's a few of my must-haves for fall that I'll be keeping an eye out for this weekend. Hope I find some goodies! If you live in Texas, you can shop for clothing, shoes, and school supplies tax free August 17-19 [items less than $100 only.] xo.

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Monday, August 13, 2012

seattle recap

After a wonderful week in the Pacific northwest, I am back to my home state of Texas. Let me just say: Seattle was amazing! My husband put it best when he said it was one of the most underrated cities to visit. There never seems to be much hype about it but maybe that's a good thing. It's kind of our secret!

First of all, August weather is fabulous. Not a drop of rain [is this normal?], overcast/cloudy mornings that hovered around 60 degrees, and sunny afternoons that didn't top 80 degrees. As far as scenery is concerned, the Olympic mountains are visible to the west and looked especially beautiful at sunset; Mt. Rainier, though two hours away, looms majestically in the southeast; the Puget Sound sparkles along the west; and hilly terrain to the north and east surrounds Seattle and its suburbs.

Seattle has fantastic sights and restaurants--there's so much to explore! If you ever plan to visit, here are a few of my suggested sights, eateries, and activities. As I was researching this myself before my trip, I was disappointed that there wasn't much on the web about exploring Seattle like a local [I guess this is part of the whole underrated, under hyped thing I mentioned previously.] I don't like to mesh with the throng of tourists but instead prefer to find my own spots and follow my own paths [though of course there are always the few must-see's and must-do's that I keep on my list.]

Japonessa - This sushi joint just outside of the Pike Place Market area had phenomenal sushi, not to mention a pretty good happy hour. I've found the best way to have a nice dinner in new cities is to try out the happy hour menu. Great deals on food and drinks! Eat in the bar area for good service and fantastic views of the water if you sit by the windows. Try: Calamari Japonessa, Mexican Ninja Roll [this was a roll of the month], sushi set B, California roll, Manny's Pale Ale [a local favorite].

Top Pot Doughnuts - After seeing this place appear on Food Network and recommended on various Seattle websites and blogs, I decided it would be a must on my list. I was not disappointed--we went for dessert after dinner our first night and I was blown away! If you like doughnuts and ice cream, definitely visit this place. Try: Plain glazed cake doughnut, espresso chip ice cream.

Sea Town Snack Bar - Another fantastic happy hour spot. Rainier beer for $2 each made for a fun evening; the rotisserie sandwiches looked great, but we opted for seafood dishes on the regular menu to make the most of our close vicinity to the ocean [and fresh seafood.] Try: Rainier beer, gulf shrimp cocktail, dungeness crab blt, clam/mussel/salmon chowder.

Dick's Drive-In - We stumbled upon this diner after a visit to the Space Needle, located in the Lower Queen Anne neighborhood [with other establishments scattered around Seattle]. We were famished and I remembered seeing this featured on the Travel Channel website, so I figured we should give it a go! Besides the fact that it is cash only, the food was pretty good! It's your typical fast-food burger joint but the prices are pretty unbeatable. Try: Kid's cheeseburger, Deluxe burger, fries.

Other noteworthy eateries: Jack's Fish Spot, Le Panier, Mililani, Cupcake Royale, Kukuruza.

Sights & Activities
Space Needle - Obviously this is something you should put on your must-see list. The Space Needle is a little bit outside of downtown, but easily accessible via the Monorail and offers stunning 360 degree views of the city and the Puget Sound.

The Great Wheel - Newly constructed, this giant ferris wheel is a fun way to see the city. It is located on the pier and also offers 360 views of the waterfront, mountains, and downtown.

Pike Place Market - One of the most "tourist-y" spots in Seattle, it's also one of the coolest! Go here for fresh seafood, souvenirs crafted by local artisans, and fantastic people-watching. Don't miss the Gum Wall [a wall covered in various colored gum. Unsanitary, yes. Awesome? Yes.]

Downtown - The hub of Seattle has hands-down some of the best shopping in such a relatively small area! Conveniently, our hotel was caddy corner to H&M, so I definitely did some damage there. Forever 21, Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, J. Crew, Loft, Banana Republic, and Old Navy are also all within a block or two of each other, in addition to many other places.

I obviously didn't get to see everything this city has to offer, and didn't venture too far from our hotel since we wanted to limit most of our transportation to walking, but I think we got to enjoy a lot during the short amount of time we were there! I definitely would like to return someday and explore more of the outer neighborhoods that surround downtown. Hope you enjoyed my abbreviated guide to Seattle and hope you get to visit someday, too! xo.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

seattle or bust

I can't believe my annual vacation is just a few days away! The hubs and I are spending a week in the great city of Seattle. We like to take trips to places neither of us has been so Seattle made the cut! We've heard nothing but fantastic things about it so we cannot wait to escape the Texas summer heat and bask in more temperate weather. There will be lots of coffee drinking, donut eating, and exploring. And who am I kidding--probably a lot of shopping! I've spent the past week or two thinking about my packing list. The weather is so opposite of Texas, so I had a hard time figuring out what to wear for mild days and chilly nights [with the constant possibility of rain.] I finally came up with a mix of comfortable attire for walking, with some dressier [-ish] pieces in case we go to a nice dinner, some activewear for possible morning walks/runs, and of course some pieces for rainy days. Have you been to Seattle? What would you recommend I do or see? xo.
hoodie / hair / purple long sleeved tee / umbrella / headband / boyfriend crops / TOMS / nail polish / striped sweater / skinny jeans / leopard tuxedo flats / necklace / workout capris / running shoes / book / bag / rainboots [Old Navy, no longer sold in stores] / camera

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