Monday, July 23, 2012

fort worth summer bucket list

This summer I've had many Fort Worth firsts--things I've been meaning to do in the three years I've lived here and hadn't done yet. From exploring the Botanic Gardens by day and attending Concerts in the Garden by night, to dinner at the scenic Woodshed restaurant on the Trinity River and a candlelit dessert at Lili's Bistro. I'm thrilled to have finally done these things but there's still plenty more on my list before summer comes to an end! What's on your summer bucket list? xo.

photo 1 / photo 2 / photo 3


  1. Wait - I want to do all these things too!! Can't believe I haven't done most of them either!! Except for Live Oak rooftop - do that ASAP, it's wonderful!


  2. There's so many fun things to do in this town and not enough hours in the day! I'm definitely planning to visit Live Oak soon. I've been checking the concert dates!


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