Monday, July 30, 2012

diy confetti art

Recently, I saw Annemarie's [Brunch at Saks] guest room makeover and a piece of her artwork reminded me of a similar DIY confetti art tutorial I'd included in my DIY holiday gift guide back in December. I knew it was a sign and I just had to try it for myself. This project only took 30 minutes or so, partly because I was simultaneously crying over watching Sleepless in Seattle.

All you need is:
Canvas, any size - I happened to already have a 12x12 that was part of a 7 pc. value pack from Michaels!
Metallic scrapbook paper - I used a matte and foil gold, but you can try other colors/finishes.
Round paper punch
Elmer's glue

Simply punch circles in your different papers and glue them randomly on the canvas. I just scattered them haphazardly and glued them in place, but you could also try making the circles denser and one end and gradually fade out like champagne bubbles. Also, I found that just a dot of glue in the middle works better than smearing it all over.

Do you have any favorite DIY artwork ideas? If so, share them in a comment below! xo.

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