Wednesday, July 25, 2012

crockett street bottle shop review

I'm not sure if I will post Fort Worth business reviews often, but this little gem was too good to keep to myself. Located in an older retail building that's nestled in the booming West 7th District, Crockett Street Bottle Shop is a laid-back liquor store that perfectly fits the Fort Worth vibe. It blends so well in its surroundings it took me a year to realize it existed.

I wandered inside one Friday evening after some fantastic sushi and proceeding cocktails at MK's Sushi and Hacienda San Miguel to search for my hubby's favorite whiskey as a "just because" gift. I was greeted warmly upon entering and felt immediately comfortable. The soft lighting and exposed brick walls created a cozy ambiance, making this little shop stand out way above the chain stores. I had a great experience there and definitely plan to go back for future alcohol purchases.

Things to know:  1) According to the owner [Jim, if I remember correctly...], they allow pets inside! That's pretty darn awesome. Now, I can't say I would volunteer to bring my rambunctious, people-obsessed -loving yellow lab, but I still think that says a lot about this establishment being an inviting place.

2) There is a wine tasting room/cellar, which I did not get a chance to check out during my visit. It was a really neat little nook in the shop and I definitely plan to go back for some tastings.

3) They also have a beer room and offer "Make Your Own Six-Pack." I've done this at World Market plenty of times, but it's neat that they do this as well. Basically, you can get a cardboard bottle carrier and fill it with 6 beers of your choice for a perfect custom gift for friends or family [or yourself, if you just like variety!]

4) From 1-7 p.m. every Saturday, they offer tastings to explore their variety of liquor selections. Pretty awesome!

If you live in Fort Worth or plan to visit anytime, you should definitely visit Crockett Street Bottle Shop! xo.

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