Friday, August 31, 2012

terrific terrariums [diy]

You may have noticed Pinterest has been blowing up these days with photos of and tutorials for terrariums. Being a non-gardener myself [I have no green thumb. Not even a little.] I was intrigued with this low maintenance way to introduce some life and greenery in my little condo. After pinning away for weeks, I finally went out and bought the supplies and did it! I couldn't be happier with results.

There seems to be a variety of methods, but I went with a simple base of medium-sized black rocks [found in the pet fish aisle], Miracle-Gro Cactus Palm and Citrus Soil, and some adorable little plants from the Gardening section [all supplies from Wal-Mart.] For the container, would you guess this was a candy jar? I'll save the lid in case the whole plant thing doesn't work out and I'm in need of a candy jar. According to the back of the soil bag, plants only need to be watered when soil is completely dry to the touch. So here's to watering very infrequently, fellow non-green thumbers!

Have you made a terrarium before? What kinds of containers and plants do you use? xo.




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