Wednesday, June 26, 2013

project cupcake | red jett sweets

I wish I hadn't waited so long to write about one of my favorite Fort Worth cupcake vendors. Red Jett Sweets has been a go-to stop when I needed a quick fix for my sweet tooth when I was in the West 7th district, as their truck could often be found at the Fort Worth Food Park.

As of June 9th, the business closed due to the increased amount of time and energy the owners were putting into the business, which resulted in less time for family and friends. Though my heart was deeply saddened with this news, I can only hope some good soul out there will buy the brand and keep these cupcakes going! Because honestly, they are phenom. xo.
Top left: Nuts for Kentucky. Bottom Right: Spotty Dotty Lemon.
Cupcakes I've tried: Red Jett Velvet, Coconut Comet, Nuts for Kentucky, Spotty Dotty Lemon, and Peter Pumpkin.

Description: Perfection. Fantastic texture and density. Perfect frosting consistency. Flavor packed without being too sugary to handle. Normal sized--not too small, not to large.

Address and Hours: None right now! Fingers crossed Red Jett Sweets 2.0 will hit the streets in the coming months.

Twitter: @RedJettSweetsFW

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