Friday, January 6, 2012

my case for indoor cycling

How I got into it

Oh cycling, how I love thee! I can sing praises for this form of exercise all day. I first tried cycling last spring after my mother had raved about it when she tried it at her gym. I remember thinking, "If mom can do it, I can, too!" So off I went to get my own gym membership. The rest is history. 

Why I love it
  • Your cycling experience can vary depending on who teaches it, thus ensuring your workout stays fresh and interesting. 
  • Each instructor creates a playlist for the class to accompany a "ride"--a series of hills, jumps, sprints, etc. [all things you will learn once you try it!] I love that the speeds and intensities match up with the music. I get so into the music that I don't think about how hard I'm working! 
  • The class flies by and before you know it, you've burned anywhere from350-550 calories [depending on length of the class and how much effort you put forth!] 
  • Cycling is low impact. I run a few times per week so I cycle to give my knees a rest while getting my cardio in [bad knees run in my family so I will have to face this sooner or later. I'd rather it be later!]
What to wear

Wear comfortable shoes. There are special cycling shoes that you can buy, but unless you plan to turn it into a hobby I'd stick with your regular gym shoes.
Shorts or capris are best--pants might get caught on the bike as you pedal. If you wear short shorts, I'd suggest some biking shorts (spandex) underneath to keep from making skin contact with the bike seat. Lots of sweat people in there... you don't want their bacteria!
Finally, don't forget a towel and a water bottle. You'll need them!

My verdict

Cycling is a really fun way to get your heart rate up and burn tons of calories. My advice is to not give up after the first few times you try it; it can be challenging at first learning where your ideal seat height should be and maintaining the correct posture and form. Take cues from your instructor and the class around you. Try out a few different instructors to know which teaching styles you prefer!

Have you ever tried cycling? What was your experience? What is your favorite part? Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

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