Monday, January 23, 2012

spring + summer wedding guest style

It's a new year which means wedding season will be starting up soon! I love weddings because each one is an event. Witnessing two soul mates pledge their faithfulness and love to one another, catching up with old friends,  , dancing, and dressing up are what makes the occasion so much fun! 

When deciding on what to wear, take cues from the wedding invitation--such as the time of day, formality of the wording, location, etc.--to figure out the appropriate attire [unless it is plainly stated.] xo.

Dress, Francesca's. Hair, InStyle. Shoes, DSW.

Dress, Macy's. Hair, InStyle. Shoes, DSW.

Dress, ASOS. Hair, InStyle. Shoes, Dillards.

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