Wednesday, April 10, 2013

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My obsession with cupcakes began with the first bakery-fresh strawberry frosted delight from McKinley's in Fort Worth. I've always had a major sweet tooth, but the store-bought baked goods didn't really do much for me.

Needless to say, I was inspired to begin a mission to try cupcakes from as many different bakeries in Fort Worth as possible and share my review of each with you! My reviews will be in no particular order, just in the order than I happen to eat and photograph them [this is a true challenge when I usually eat them before I even think of taking a picture].

Located just off of South Main Street in the up and coming Near Southside district, this sweet little bakery is vintage perfection. I mean don't you just adore those turquoise-painted re-purposed chairs? I love the open and airy atmosphere, with the sunlight pouring over the glass case stuffed with the bakery's daily rotation of baked goods. From cupcakes, to cookies, to the oh-so-delicious sweet rolls, these people know their way around the kitchen! I definitely recommend a stop by this place if you live in or visit Fort Worth. I love it so much, this is the second post I have written about them! [First post here.]

Cupcake flavors I've tried and liked: Mimosa, Coconut-Lemon, Lemon, Red Velvet & Chocolate with Stawberry frosting.

Description: These cupcakes aren't particularly large, but about the size they would be if you made them at home, which adds to the "made-from-scratch" charm they have. Though I love me a good giant cupcake piled with yummy frosting, these cupcakes are probably the better portion size and always leave me wanting more, which is a good thing! The cake is moist and dense while the frosting is airy and light.

Address: 106 E. Daggett Ave., Fort Worth, TX 76104

Bakery Hours: 7am - 2pm Tuesday-Saturday

Twitter: @StirCrazyBakery [follow them for their daily menu listings!]

Let me know if you visit Stir Crazy and what flavors you try! xo.

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