Monday, December 12, 2011

gift wrapping tips

My younger sister has never enjoyed wrapping gifts. She would much prefer to just put the gift in a plain gift bag [sans embellishments] or leave it in the store bag if she knew she could get away with it!

On the other hand, I personally love to get in touch with my inner Martha Stewart and could wrap gifts happily for hours. Here are a few of my gift-wrapping tips. Enjoy! xo.
  • Take inventory. I keep all my wrapping paper scraps, ribbons, bows, bags, small boxes, etc. in a large wicker basket under the bed. It's easy to pull out when I need it and I almost always find something I can use! See what you have before you go out and purchase new wrapping supplies.
  • Reuse. Save pretty bags/bows/paper from gifts you receive if you can keep them in good condition. Twirly ribbons, felt bags, etc. are easy to save and reuse. 
  • Use boxes. When wrapping clothing or other personal items [shoes, jewelry, etc.] boxes are fantastic. I think boxes are the most fun to wrap and unwrap!
  • But bags are great, too. Some items just have to go in a bag. There is just no way around it! A bottle of wine, candle stick holders, purses... all odd-shaped items that must be concealed in the generic bag to keep your recipients from guessing what you got them! Plenty of tissue paper will do the trick. It's all about the surprise!
  • Choose a theme. Obviously, this is a small detail that many people may not care about. Each year I tend to stick with a color theme because the gifts look so lovely and cohesive stacked under my tree. They become part of my holiday decor. This year, I have chosen red, gold, and silver.
  • When in doubt, add a bow. From long strands of curled ribbon to big fluffy foil bows, a special and eye-catching topper is the perfect finishing touch.
Here is some inspiration to get your creative juices flowing:

Martha Stewart

Metallic tissue paper is an inexpensive, yet elegant option to package your gifts. Add some simple ribbon--solid or patterned--in your color theme for the finishing touch.

Martha Stewart

Reuse old Christmas cards by adhering them to boxes and bags. This is a really fun, unique idea that will set your gifts apart from the rest!
Country Living
Baked goods are an excellent gift for neighbors, coworkers, and friends. Make it extra special with some brown paper and ribbon.

A Pair of Pears

Brown paper, yarn, and simple embellishments add retro flair to your gifts! Red and white are always classic.

Good Housekeeping

Candy canes and lollipops are sweet additions to your gifts. Kids will especially love this two-for-one deal!

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