Tuesday, December 6, 2011

beef vs. turkey

Whether you're making burgers, meatballs, pasta sauce, or chili, the default meat is often beef. It's what most of us grew up with and it's what is usually served in restaurants. Our taste buds do not associate those meals with any other meat. Lately, there has been a revolution in the health-food world and it's life-changing

Ground turkey.
My first experience with this meat was when my neighbors invited the hubs and I over for dinner several months ago. My friend Kelsey--who has recently moved away to Oklahoma, land of none other than Pioneer Woman--enjoys cooking as much as I do and grilled up some burgers for us that evening. When she mentioned they were turkey burgers and asked if that was okay, I'll admit I was hesitant at first but excited to see what the hype was about! 

They were amazing.
Since that fateful day, I have not purchased ground beef. I cook with lean ground turkey on a regular basis--it is just as versatile with beef and tastes great in Mexican, Italian, and American dishes. I haven't boycotted beef, and I do still eat it occasionally. However, there has been intensive research over the past several years concerning the regular consumption of red meat--read about it here in this New York Times article. 

Overall, turkey is definitely the healthier option of the two meats. And if you can train your taste buds to love it, that's one little healthy substitution you can make in your cooking that might end up making a big difference in your overall health. Many of my recipes on this blog will contain ground turkey instead of beef. In fact, stay tuned for my favorite ground turkey chili recipe coming soon!!

PS: You can visit Jennie-O for recipe ideas and nutritional information about their turkey products here.

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