Wednesday, November 16, 2011

healthy baking tip

Okay people... I just made some cookies for the Thanksgiving luncheon at work tomorrow, so I'm declaring the holidays are officially upon us and it's time to talk about baking. (They are half peanut butter, half double chocolate chunk if you were wondering.)

You can't taste the difference::
If it isn't apparent already, it should be noted that a.) I LOVE sweets, namely the carb-y kind and b.) I try very hard to make healthy eating choices. I'll admit sweets are my weakness and my downfall--I can't ever give them up! So what do I do? I make ingredient substitutions.

An excellent way to cut some calories and unnecessary fat from your baked goods is to substitute half of the called-for oil with unsweetened applesauce. Hallelujah! It's pretty much a given that most baking recipes will call for vegetable oil, and that stuff has a ton of calories.

 Non-fat yogurt is also a great option to substitute for butter or oil. One more healthy substitute is avocado. Yep! Check it out. I promise that you will not be able to taste a difference in your baking but you will feel great knowing you cut out a bunch of calories! *Make sure you check out the links to learn what the ratios of the substitutes should be. Normally, you only substitute a portion of the called-for ingredient rather than all of it.

Let me know if you try this out and how it worked out for you! xo.

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