Wednesday, March 21, 2012

sangria recipe

There are so many sangria recipes floating around the Internet and endless possibilities for concocting this delicious beverage. I've been meaning to try it forever and finally did when I visited my friend in Austin recently. I think it's a little different than many recipes out there and it may not be defined as a true sangria, but it was delicious nonetheless and we call it sangria anyway!

Here's the recipe we used:

1 bottle white wine [we used pinot grigio]
1/2 bottle inexpensive champagne [we used Andre]
1 pear
1 nectarine or peach
1 bunch of white [green] grapes


1. In a large glass pitcher, mix the bottle of white wine and 1/2 a bottle of champagne. The champagne adds a lovely effervescence.

2. Slice the pear into small, bite-sized chunks. Do the same with the nectarine/peach. Slice grapes in half length-wise. Slice strawberries into 3-4 slices length-wise as well.

3. Toss all the fruit into the wine/champagne mixture. You can really add as much fruit as you want. If you need more, add more! There's no science to it. We like fruit so we added a lot!

4. Serve and enjoy!

*Some recipes say you need to let the fruit soak the wine overnight, but we didn't really feel like waiting 24 hours. I say: drink up! Cheers!


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