Thursday, April 12, 2012

these days

My life has been kicking into high gear lately.

After doing some internships and a little bit of part-time work after I graduated college, I finally landed a great full-time job and love it! I've also started doing some photography on the side and have been booking some engagement and family photo shoots--which is also very exciting for me. I've always loved anything that allows me to be creative, and photography has been so much fun for me these past few months!

So until I get the hang of this new crazy busy [and fun] schedule, my blogging might be a little more sporadic in the coming weeks. But don't fret, my pets! [Steve Urkel quote--sorry, I couldn't resist!] I'll be using my down time to come up with some more great content for the ol' blog. I know I'd especially love to start bringing you more food related posts and will be working hard on that!

For now, I'll leave you with this nice little collage of what I've been loving lately. xo.

see 12 / hear 1 / do 123 / eat 12

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  1. so happy you are loving the job and life! miss you.


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