Monday, April 16, 2012

delightful dressing room

Oh, to have a spacious boutique-style closet to display clothing and accessories worthy of magazine photo spreads and MTV cribs tours. It's every girl's dream, right?

I'll admit my closet is pretty much at the bottom of my home decorating priority list since I prefer to spend my time and money on spaces that people besides the hubs and I will see. However, I spend so much time in the closet picking out what I will wear for work, dinner dates, weddings, or simply weekend errands--why not spruce it up and make it a beautiful space like I aspire our other rooms to be?

To create a special dressing area without breaking the bank, look to sources such as, Target, and IKEA for inexpensive yet stylish decor. A pretty chair or ottoman, soft lighting, and organizational items that are both beautiful and functional are key for a boutique-style closet. xo.

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  1. That would be a sweet closet! I especially love the lamp and the mirror. and fresh flowers, well that would be so luxurious! I've been thinking of doing stencil in one of my closet walls...and hang some hooks for my baubles....maybe it will be a project for this summer.


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