Monday, August 19, 2013

one dollar finds

Sometimes, it's really the little things in life that can bring so much joy! This summer,  I found a few edibles that I could buy for $1, which really made my heart happy and got me through long work days. I will continue to hunt for sweet deals like this, but for now I wanted to share what I've discovered so far. xo.

Dollar Days at Schakolad
As a lifetime chocolate lover, I find it kind of strange I never wandered into Shakolad before this summer [after living in the city for almost 4 years.] Nonetheless, I read some tweets announcing the chocolate shop's dollar days this summer and figured it was worth a shot. Two words: life changing! I have tried the chocolate covered strawberry, which was divinely ripe, assorted truffles galore, and the chocolate covered cookies. I'm not sure how long these deals will go on, so I highly recommend you check them out asap!

Where: 106 E. 4th Street, Fort Worth 76102

Breakfast Tacos at Oliver's
Sometimes, cereal or yogurt just don't cut it. Or I just plain overslept and had no time to fix breakfast. Either way, 99 cent breakfast tacos are a satisfying solution to start my morning off right! Besides a growing menu that includes delicious fish tacos, Oliver's serves breakfast tacos every weekday morning from 7-11 a.m. Hint: If you are calorie-concious, ask for egg whites only! There are only two options: bacon or sausage. Perfect for my inability to make decisions early in the morning. One of these days, I'll make it on a weekend to try out their brunch.

Where: 415 Throckmorton Street, Fort Worth 76102

Happy Hour Pizzas at Frankie's
Despite less than stellar service every time I've gone, I have to say the dollar pizzas really made up for it. After attending a happy hour with coworkers a few weeks ago, I was pleasantly surprised that Frankie's had yummy, perfectly proportioned, cheesy pizzas for only a buck! I am not sure if this is a consistent happy hour special or only on certain days, but you should definitely check it out for yourself next time you're in need of a drink after a long day at work.

Where: 425 W. Third Street, Fort Worth 76102

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