Friday, February 10, 2012

austin road trip

My husband and I recently visited Austin to see some good friends of ours and I thought it would be fun to share a few things we did there! For any of you who have never been but would like to, I recommend the following stops:

This trendy restaurant had excellent sushi and a super fun atmosphere! It was very moody and dark inside with upbeat music [sort of like a club vibe.] Be prepared to wait a while if it's a weekend/evening.

I was so excited to finally see this! There are many farmers' markets in Austin, but this one was downtown. We brought cloth bags to hold our goodies while we shopped and taste-tested the wares at various booths. There is a sweet little picnic area to stop and have a bite to eat [there were a few booths the served ready-to-eat snacks... we got tamales!] Even if you never visit Austin, I definitely recommend checking out your local farmers' market. PS: Make sure you bring cash! A few vendors accept credit cards but not many.

Thirsty Planet was a cool little brewery on the outskirts of Austin. We didn't make it in time for a tour, but for $7 we got a keepsake pint glass and tickets for three beer refills of our choice. It was a little chilly outside but we sat on a picnic table and enjoyed the fresh air and sunlight over a game of chess [chess boards available inside the brewery.] Overall, I thought this was a really neat place and a great budget-friendly way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

If you're an Austinite, what other stops do you recommend for my next trip? I love discovering hole-in-the-wall, non-touristy places. xo

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